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Communicate with your CUSTOMERS
on a completely new level

Properly CRM is proven to have a loyalty enhancing effect on customers. Our System will help you communicate with your customers based on actual behaviour and questions. By knowing your customer, you will increase your sales and even more important, get a loyal customer.

Nail your customer communication with the provenly effective tool "properly CRM".
With properly CRM tool you go through 3 steps: questions and communication, communications manual, CRM plugin.

Properly CRM – 3 Steps

1.  Questions and communication

Initial questions, targeting active and passive customers. Can be used both for internal and external communication. Resulting in a loyalty enhancing communication program.

2.  Communication manual

Communication for newsletters, advertizing, marketing programs etc

3.  CRM 

Adding loyalty enhancing communication to your CRM program.

We got to know the reason, we got information based on interviews and most important, we got a method for keeping the customer.

Annika Rak, Cambridge program

CRM flow

Loyalty enhancing communication flow.png

You can extend your CRM-system with our plugin or incorporate it into a new system.


By asking the right questions and then follow up, You create a solid customer relationship that is also based on loyalty.


This is the only built in system that is proved to have a loyalty enhancing effect on your customers.


Our system is build on years of research by Inger Roos and others.

What the customers say

“For me it is important that all parts of Cambridge Program information is based on research. That is why CRM properly was the only alternative for us. Every company wants to know how the customer is behaving, what he is experiencing as a customer and above all: why is he leaving the company? Especially this final part is we were missing out. We knew that the also satisfied customer quits, but why?


Through this method we got to know a lot more than that. We got to know the reason, we got information based on interviews and most important we got a method for keeping the customer. This CRM method requires time and devotion, but I can promise that the results leads to necessary actions in your company."

Annika Rak, Cambridge program

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